Monday, March 12, 2007


An Alternate Theory Linking Prophecy and History
Copyright © 1988 by Roger Rusk
ISBN 0-945378-00-9

Yes, we have a heritage of a Christian nation. Our written institutions were created by men who imbibed the principles of liberty and freedom from the great Christian leaders of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The fountainhead of our ideals was in English Protestantism, not French rationalism as some would have us believe. Our rules of conduct, both public and private, are based upon a Christian doctrine of man and society. Such rules will not work successfully when this philosophical base of our society is changed. We cannot play football with baseball rules. Our society cannot endure if pagans dominate it.

We have a mission. Not imperialism, whether it be political or economic, but a mission of enjoining the peoples of the world to live together in love, forebearance, and cooperation under the sovereign leadership of God. Never before in history has a nation been called upon to give so much of its substance and its talents to help other nations in need. When has a people been so magnanimous in its treatment of its former enemies? We have fed them and set them upon their feet to the point of making economic competitors of them. This is unique in history. Some of us do not like the way we have gone about it in our foreign aid programs, but demands are upon us, and we respond to these human needs because we are that kind of people. Who else is there who can or will do it?

We have a King. This Seal, this signature of the United States of America, identifies us as the people whose King is God. Is there any other ultimate interpretation of this symbol? Because we recognize that we operate under God's sovereignty, then we are stewards of a system of government intended to bring about the righteous ordering of society. Click here for more.

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