Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ron Paul sets a new web record on Technorati

July 10, 2007
Posted by Tex MacRae at July 10, 2007 05:34 PM

I've been a blogger for years and my Technorati account dates back to March of 2004. But, I've never seen anything like the sustained presence of Ron Paul in the Technorati top search terms. The Paris Hiltons and iPhones come and go and YouTube is almost always at the top. But a politician? When has that ever happened before? According to a Technorati spokesman, never.

As for comparable searches on potential presidential candidates, interestingly enough, there aren't any. Ron Paul has had the longest stint in our top searches out of all candidates. Mike Gravel had a quick stint, he's another grass-roots Web campaigner. But aside from that and a few blips when Obama, Clinton, and Edwards uploaded YouTube videos or after the debates, Ron Paul has been the most sustained top search for political candidates.

About the sustained trajectory of Ron Paul's popularity in the blogosphere, here's what Technorati's spokesman had to say:

"Ron Paul" was relatively unsearched-for term, until...

-May 4, when he became a popular (but not top) search.

THEN on...May 8, his popularity quadrupled and he became an official top search (thus entering the online zeitgeist, you might say), all building up to May 15-16, when he became really really hot (peaking on the 16th), and has since been enjoying a steady stream of searches. Read more here.

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